Privacy Policy

Welcome to (hereafter ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘the website’). We attach great importance to protecting its users’ privacy and data.

Data collection

We do not collect any of our visitors’ personal information that we do not believe will benefit the user experience. We protect your privacy by means of our policy not to collect extraneous data. It is important not to store any search terms, given that these can also contain personal data.


The website may use Cookies. Cookies are small file packets which are stored on your computer’s hard drive as soon as webpages are accessed.


Given that the website operates free of charge, we use advertising to monetize user activity. As such, through advertising providers, you will also find numerous links to third-party websites.  These pages, which are accessed using links, are in no way connected to the website, i.e. they are the property of and under the direction of independent companies, to which this privacy policy may not necessarily apply. The website is not responsible for the contents of these web pages and is not liable for the manner in which user data is stored. Therefore, please note that this privacy policy solely applies to the web pages belonging to the

Email addresses

If you send comments, questions, suggestions or feedback to the website via email and provide an email address or contact information, the website uses this information to answer you. Your email will only be used to contact you regarding your inquiry.

Children under the age of 16

Please observe that we do not collect any kind of personal data. Consequently, the website also does not knowingly request, collect or share any information for the personal identification of users under the age of 16. The protection of children’s privacy is of significant importance to us.

Government requests

The headquarters of the website is located in Canada. The website is solely subject Canada law. Any request or demand by a government for the divulgement of information data will be diligently reviewed by our legal counsel. The only legitimate reason for our beginning to collect personal data would be the existence of a legal warrant or a court order, which would require us to do so in connection with a specific user, who is suspected of such a serious crime that such a violation of his or her privacy would be justified.


We have the right to protect the privacy of our users by not collecting any personal data. These policies are important to us and we act accordingly.


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